In light of the pro-freedom history of the United States and the American people, our campaign is promoting “Join With Christ” as a new mandate for American unity.

By adhering to America’s founding documents and the faith-based writings of our Founding Fathers, American-Patriots are working to influence businesses, charities, political parties and religious communities for the strongest possible unity. A true American-Patriot is one who loves and supports America and all her people and stands ready to righteously defend both.

With the goal of maintaining a free and just society, Operation Join With Christ is working to unite military and civilian patriots as the cornerstone for American unity.

Tracks And Videos

We invite you to support America’s military and civilian patriots by receiving the following free downloads and if possible, playing them at political and patriotic events. If you can do more to help, please visit our Banners And Cards page.


Click here for a free MP3 track of “Dear Sam” (Original Version).
Click here for a free MP3 track of “Dear Sam” (Pledge Version).

Click here for a free HD video of “Dear Sam” (Original Version).
Click here for a free HD video of “Dear Sam” (Pledge Version).


Fight to the end. We will defend our country.

Dear Sam,
We’ll take a stand, do what we can, for our freedom we will defend. For our country we’ll fight to the end. With justice we’ll prevail. Our cause will never fail, and valor shall be found on every battleground.

Dear Sam,
Red, white and blue, all the way through, is the spirit in what we do. For our mission we’ll always be true. With purpose we are one. Our march has just begun, and peace shall find a way to everyone some day.

Dear Sam,
Look at it fly, flying so high, it’s the emblem we signify. For our country we’re willing to die. With honor we will serve. Our future we’ll preserve, and one day there will be a total victory.

For country we’ll fight. We will fight unto the end. Fight to the end.