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The primary mission of Operation Join With Christ…is to reach lost humanity with the message of the Gospel via the directive “Join With Christ” and its symbol. We invite you to join us by receiving the following free downloads and publishing them on print and social media. Together, we can make it more known that True Christian Followers, both young and old, have unity with the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity…and with each other.

Business Card Outreach

The purpose of our Business Card Outreach is to share the message of the Good News of Christ and encourage the growth of the local church. Through this outreach, we hope and pray that: 1) more of lost humanity will be saved and 2) more churches will increase their local outreach.

The outreach is simple: Print a two-sided, dedicated and separate batch of business cards – one side for your church information and the other side for our Business Card 1 or 2 (see above). Then make this batch of business cards available to all of your church members for them to give away as invitations. The key benefits are: 1) more of your members will have another way of serving the Lord and 2) more local citizens will become better aware of your church and we pray that they will decide to visit.

If for any reason you’re unable to join us, we thank you for your kind and prayerful consideration. However, we do encourage you to participate in the overall Business Card Outreach by creating your own card…both front and back.

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